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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

ATTENTION! The data listed below can be not actual.
Unfortunately, I don't speak English. And I can't update English version of my site on a regular basis.

What are Children's Railways (ChRWs)?

Very many people, having heard the words "Children's Railway", immediately imagine a toy-railway with tiny locos and wagons, which they used to play with together with the daddy or elder brother. The railway which had been assembled on the floor in the room and on which the train had endlessly been travelling in a circle till the strict mum sent you to bed. Pleasant memories…

Actually, the Children's Railway is an absolutely different thing. It is a real railway, narrow-gauge though, with real wagons and locomotives. "Then, why is it "Children's?", you might ask. Because it is operated by the schoolchildren, 9-15 years old.

Site News

Timetable of Small October Railways was updated.
Track plan of Pionerskaya station (Kratovo ChRW) was updated.
Guide to schedules and prices of the Penza ChRW was published.
Four new Fotos of the Nizhniy Novgorod ChRW was published.
New prices of the Kharkov ChRW was published.
Track plans of the Donetsk ChRW was published.
Comments to photos of Krasnoyarsk ChRW have been translated to English.
Track plans of the Yevpatoriуa ChRW was published.
Track plan of Park station (Kharkov ChRW) is published.
Anniversary Badges collection are advanced.
All parts of the Badges collection are advanced.
The phone number of the Chelyabinsk ChRW is changed.
Comments to photos of Chelyabinsk ChRW are translated to English.
Two new fotos of the Dnepropetrovsk ChRW and Gorky ChRW was published.
Three new fotos of the 2nd Tashkent ChRW was published.
Two fotos of the Dnepropetrovsk ChRW and Sverdlovsk ChWR (1960-70's) was published.
Four years ago this site were open for visitors.
Five photos of Atbasar ChRW (1991) is published.
Comments to photos of children's railways in the following cities are translated to English:
– Baku
– Lutsk
– Lvov
1. On all pages of the unit "Locations" the erroneous transitions to the Russian version of a site are eliminated.
2. The brief description of ALL children's railways is translated to English.
If you have found any mistakes on the updated pages - please communicate with me on e-mail:
The section about Yekaterinburg ChRW is translated.
The section "Tickets of ChRW" is added at once with 6 new samples.
The section "Official badges of ChRW" is added at once with 35 new samples.
The map of the USSR with a designation of cities where there are children's railways has been advanced. Now you can click the mouse on it, and the page about necessary ChRW will open.
The section about Zaporozhie ChRW is translated.
In the section Tickets of ChRW Ticket of Liski ChRW was published.
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