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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Rolling Stock

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The rolling stock used by the ChRWs was rather diverse. In the course of the years it changed considerably. In the pre-war years they used to have steam locomotives, most frequently Russian locos which had been made before 1917.

After the Second World War they began to operate the captured steam locos, locos made abroad according to the design P24 of the Kolomna plant, as well as German steam locos of Gr type. Some of these locos had been operated by the ChRWs until the eighties or the nineties.

In the middle of the fifties the first serial narrow-gauge diesel locomotives appeared in the USSR. They were domestic diesel locos TU2 and Czech diesels TU3. It was TU2 locos that were the most widely-used diesel locos at the ChRWs until the end of the eighties. Then they started to replace them by more modern diesel locos TU7. However, even nowadays, after more than forty years, diesel locos TU2 are still in operation at many Children's railways.

At the end of the eighties - in the beginning of the nineties an attempt was made to build a diesel loco TEU-16 specially for the Children's railways. Unfortunately, the economic crisis prevented from implementing the project.

Home-made locomotives for the ChRWs deserve special attention. They were built by the enthusiasts of the ChRWs when they did not succeed in getting the support from the management of the parent railway departments. Such locos were made using semi-handicraft methods, as a rule in the sole copy and with rather primitive design. Nevertheless, their creators are worthy of respect because their creations made the existence of some Children's railways possible, e.g. in Krasnoyarsk.

Below you can find a list of locos and carriages available at the rolling-stock of the children's railways during different years. Unfortunately, this list is not yet comprehensive. It needs additions and elaboration.

• Ak series
• Kolomensky type 63/65 (O series)
• Kolomensky type 86 (I, N series)
• 157 series
• 159 series
• V series (Alco, USA)
• HF series (Germany)
• Ft-4 series (Finnland)
• WP29 (Rp, T-4 series) (Poland)
• Yu83 (Yugoslavia)
• P24 design (PT-4, VP-4, Kv-4, Kp-4, Kch-4, Kf-4 series)
• Gr series (Germany)
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