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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

ATTENTION! The data listed below can be not actual.
Unfortunately, I don't speak English. And I can't update English version of my site on a regular basis.

Author's X-files

D.Sutyagin. 1998
Was born on October 27, 1970 in Obninsk city (Russia).
Speciality the nuclear physicist.
He is not married now. Has the son.
Not a member of any political parties since 1990.
He is amorally steady. ;-)

From 8 year old worked on the Zaporozhye children's railway. Bright impressions from independent driving trains at so early age have made irreversible changes in yet not got stronger bark of a children's brain. At approach a narrow-gauge diesel locomotive he loses will.

In the middle 1980s has been convicted of attempt to take root into structures of Ministry of Railways of the USSR. This attempt has been successfully stopped by the vigilant oculist from a medical board.

Worked in the Institut of Power and Phisics Engineering. For a bottle of spirit has won confidence of operator of a diesel locomotive. Within several years illegally substituted him on shuntings on territory of the First-in-World Atomic power station. (Before dismissal of this operator for drunkenness.)

Specializes on gathering and deliberate disclosure of the classified information about Children's Railways.

He does not represent danger to a civilization of the Earth.

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