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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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What are Children's Railways (ChRWs)?

Very many people, having heard the words "Children's Railway", immediately imagine a toy-railway with tiny locos and wagons, which they used to play with together with the daddy or elder brother. The railway which had been assembled on the floor in the room and on which the train had endlessly been travelling in a circle till the strict mum sent you to bed. Pleasant memories…

Actually, the Children's Railway is an absolutely different thing. It is a real railway, narrow-gauge though, with real wagons and locomotives. "Then, why is it "Children's?", you might ask. Because it is operated by the schoolchildren, 9-15 years old. The whole summer under the guidance of the grown-up instructors they drive trains, work as traffic controllers, assistants to station-masters, guards and conductors.

You have already recollected the school history lesson on the exploitation of the children's labour! You should not think that way! There is no more exploitation than in a model aircraft hobby group. And may be it is dangerous? It is not either. Within the whole school-year young railwaymen attend theoretical classes at the ChRW and by the beginning of the summer season they gain rather high qualification.

Tracks with a length of several kilometres and with no connection to the main railway network are specially built for the Children's Railways. As a rule, these railways are not of special transport significance and are used as amusements as well as for the transportation of the passengers in the city parks and recreation areas. Nevertheless, the ChRW is a good training and from one third to half of the pupils devote their lives to the railways.

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