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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Bryanka (Lugansk region)

Opened: not later than 1993
3 stations: DK (House of culture), Step (Steppe), Ozero (Lake)
Rolling stock: locomotive and 4 coaches

Bryanka city (Lugansk region, Donbass). The Children's railway passes on picturesque steppe among a feather grass and fragments of rocks. One train from 4 cars in style 1960s goes. The beautiful hangar-depot is constructed. Probably, this road was electrified.

Unfortunately, about this Children's railway it is not known to me more. Moreover, there are serious bases to doubt, whether there corresponded the specified road to the full to concept the Children's railway. Probably, it was a usual park attraction. If you have any articles, photos, personal impressions about this ChRW, please communicate with me on e-mail or ICQ (UIN 25927180). I shall be very grateful to you.

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