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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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foto by V.Belina, 1999
The Donetsk Small Railway
1936, reopened May 21, 1972
It is located in Lenin Komsomol park
Length: 2.1 kms (was 2.9 kms)
3 stations: Pionerskaya, Shakhterskaya, Pobeda (it's not operated)
Rolling stock: diesel locomotives TU2-023, TU3-038, TU2-040, PV51 coaches
Earlier there were: 7 Pafawag coaches
Major infrastructure: Locomotive depot
Signalling: Marshrutno-relay centralization at stations


The Donetsk ChRW was opened in 1936; it was given the name of the "S.M.Kirov children's railway". Unfortunately, it was fated to exist for only a relatively short time - during World War 2 it was completely destroyed. But, it was not forgotten and almost 30 years later the ChRW returned: on May 21, 1972, the new Donetsk ChRW was opened in the "Lenin Komsomol" park. Its route, 2.1 km in length, connects two stations - Pionerskaya and Shakhterskaya (Miner's).

Shakhterskaya station. 1981

Apparently the site of a broad-gauge track (1524 mm), leading to one of the closed mines in the city, was taken as the basis of the ChRW, and a track of 750 mm gauge was installed on this site.

Track plan

track plan - caption:
If you want to see how the track layout at a terminal station developed, click a mouse button under its name.
The closed site of ChRW is marked by a dashed line.
Shakhterskaya station Pionerskaya station Pobeda station (it's not operated)

At both ends of the line station buildings that are quite impressive for a ChRW have been provided. At the Pionerskaya station building accommodates the management of the line and educational class-rooms. Apart from that, there is a big, well equipped locomotive depot on the line at the Shakhterskaya station. At both stations "Marshrutno-relay centralization" signalling operates, and the points are equipped with electric drives.


At the reopening of the line in 1972, the available rolling stock included diesel locomotives TU2-023, TU2-040 and TU3-038, and also 7 Pafawag all-metal carriages. But the TU3 loco did not work long on the Donetsk ChRW - by 1976 it no longer appeared in the inventory. In the period between 1982 and 1986, the main development was the replacement of the Pafawag coaches by type PV51 domestic coaches.


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