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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk)

Diesel locomotive TU2-092
Small Sverdlovsk Railway (named for N.Ostrovskiy)
Opened: July 9, 1960
Track-length: 2.41 kms
2 stations: Centralnaya (Central), Pionerskaya (Pioneer)
2 halts: Solnechnaya (Solar), Yubileynaya (Anniversary)
Engineering features: 2 overbridges, 1 level crossing
Rolling stock: diesel locomotives TU2-092, TU2-141, TU2-236, Pafawag passenger carriages
Signalling & protection: Semi-automatic locking system and electric centralization
Address: 620100, RUSSIA, Ekaterinburg, Majakovskogo TSPKiO (Central Park of Culture and Rest)
Phone: +7 (343) 224-17-90
Chief: TKACHENKO, Andrey Semenovich
Further information: operating details, fares

At the end of the 1950s the question of creating a children's railway in Sverdlovsk was widely discussed in the local press and at assemblies of labour collectives. Gradually this idea began to get support in the Soviet and party organizations. Means for constructing the line were selected; development of the project was entrusted to experts from the Uralgiprotrans Institute.

The project was ready by the summer of 1958 and in the autumn of the same year construction of the line began in a picturesque large forest of the Mayakovskogo Central Park. At the same time, as recommended by veterans of the Sverdlovsk railway, the special children's sector which included the organization for training young railwaymen was created. Theoretical training took place in the Road house of railwaymen's children, and practical employment during summer vacations - on the Southern-Ural children's railway (Chelyabinsk) and the Alapaevsk Peat Company's narrow-gauge railway.

In the spring of 1960, Sverdlovsk received 8 carriages from the Pafawag factory, and diesel locomotive TU2-092 from the Kaluga machine-building factory. One more diesel locomotive - TU2-141 - was received a little bit later. This rolling stock remains in use today, except for three carriages which were written off at the beginning of the 1990s. In 2000 the line received diesel locomotive TU2-236 which had previously been working on the Tula-Lihvin narrow-gauge line.

On 9 July 1960, the formal opening ceremony on the Small Sverdlovsk railway took place. Since that time, young railwaymen have had an opportunity to obtain practice without leaving the city. The line's equipment was modern enough at that time - automatic locking, electric centralization, an inter-station telephone and radio communication to the locomotives. The locomotive depot is situated at Central station.

track plan

It is one of few children's railways of the former USSR at which all stations have high-level platforms. The line's main engineering features are two overbridges, one with steel girders and the other in reinforced concrete. There is also a protected level-crossing.

Overbridge which is about Pionerskaya station. foto by A.Ivanov, may 2000
It is also interesting to note that the educational process is organised in a somewhat unusual way. The line is operated in turn by teams of keen young railwaymen from five different areas, which are trained in five different educational classes.

The following materials were used in preparing this report:
  • From a hobby to a trade, Sverdlovsk, Sredne-Ural kn.izd., 1975
  • The booklet "Small Sverdlovsk railway"
  • materials of the Central museum of a railway transportation (St.Perersburg)
  • materials from A.K.Filippov and P.A.Strelkov's private archive
  • The collection "Children's railways of Ministry of Railways of Russia", Moscow, TsDDZh, 1999
  • materials given by A.Gogolev
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