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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Nizhniy Novgorod / Gorky

Diesel locomotive TU7
The Gorky children's railway named in favor of Maksim Gorky
November 8, 1939
Full length: 4.1 kms (planned to increase to about 12 km)
Length of the main line: 3.2 kms
3 stations: Pushkino, Schastlivaya, Rodina
Civil engineering works: 2 bridges
Rolling stock: Steam locomotive Kp-4-430, diesel locomotives: TU2-155, TU2-233, TU7-2567, 14 type-PV51 coaches and 2 open cars of "stagecoach" type, 4 flatcars for freight, a snowplough
Address: 603600, RUSSIA, Nizhni Novgorod, October revolution street, 23.
Tel.: +7 (8312) 455-556, 423-259
General Manager: KUL'PIN Alexey Aleksandrovich

After the events of 1965, the line long remained in a cut-back state, and work on reconstructing it began only in 1991. In 1994 work began on rebuilding the line on a new site with a new station called Schastlivaya (Happy) in memory of old one. The line was then in the form of a triangle, with the three terminal stations at the apexes - Schastlivaya, Rodina and Pushkino (not to be confused with the Pushkinskaya station that was on the old line). Originally trains started at any of them, and at the next station the diesel locomotive would run round its train so that the train could continue its journey to the following station.

Track plan. 1999

First time after reconstruction it was maintained only route the Rodina - Pushkino. The station Schastlivaya temporarily was inhibited. Movement and up to this station subsequently was open. Now it is planned to increase length of railway up to 12 kms.

All routes are equipped with three-state automatic locking using AC track circuits without automatic locomotive signal system (ALSN). The stations Rodina and Schastlivaya had electric central control, and at Rodina AC track circuits were used. At Pushkino station the points and signals were controlled by keys.

In 1996, a major overhaul of steam locomotive Kp-4-430, which had hauled trains on Gorky ChRW since 1955 and up to middle of the 1980s, was carried out. As a result, steam haulage, which is now very rare on modern lines, was restored in 1997 to the Gorky children's railway. But to tell the truth, the steam locomotive is used only twice a year - once on the line's opening day and again on the city's annual holiday (in the last weekend of August).

In 1999 two new "stagecoach"-type open carriages were made in the locomotive depot of Tumskaya station on special order, as had also been done in 1939. However, while previously the manufacture of coaches on special order was a privilege of belonging to an elite, now there is simply no other way of updating the rolling stock, as the batch production of narrow-gauge coaches in our country was discontinued in 1995.

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