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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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The Rovno children's railway
May 9, 1949
Full operational length: 2.5 km
Length of the main route: 2 km
2 stations: Partizanskaya, Ozernaya
Located on one bank of the river Ust'ya
Rolling stock: Diesel locomotive TU2-137, 2 coaches Pafawag, 2 cargo flatcars; earlier there were: steam locomotives N.1476, N.1572 and Kp-4-471, diesel locomotive TU3-034, 2 wooden carriages
Civil engineering constructions: the bridge, an overpass, water-carrying pipe
Signaling devices and communications: semi-automatic block signalling, locomotive radio communication, pointwork and interstation communications
Address: 33000, UKRAINE, Rovno, Sobornaya street, 147
General Manager: SERKOVA, Natalia Anatolievna
Reference information: timetable of operation, fares


Designing the line began in 1948. It was constructed by trackmans from Kovelsky railway who were helped on Sundays by volunteers from the city. The solemn opening of the Small Rovno railway was held May 9, 1949.

The ChRWy line runs between two two-track terminal stations on the left bank of the river Ust'ya. The Partizanskaya station is located in the downtown area, near to the bridge by which Rovno's main street - Sobornaya - crosses the river. The second station - Ozernaya (until 1991: Pionerskaya) - is on a bank of the lake Basov Kut. The management of road is situated at Partizanskaya station.

Track plan

On the route of the children's railway there are some artificial constructions - the bridge, a water-carrying pipe. The line is crossed by an overpass carrying Stephan Bandera street. The track consists of type R43 rails.

At the year of opening the line's rolling stock included steam locomotive N.1572 (the Kolomna factory, type 86), two wooden carriages of III class, constructed by the Kolomna factory and two flatcars for freight. In 1957, steam locomotive Kp-4-471 was received from the Karaganda narrow-gauge railways of Ministry of Railways in exchange for N.1572.

In 1973 the line's rolling stock was updated - diesel locomotive TU3-034 and all-metal Pafawag carriages (made in 1960) were received. Steam locomotive Kp-4-471 was handed over for scrap, the wooden carriages were put out of operatiopn and dismantled.

In 1982, diesel locomotive TU2-137 (made in 1957) was received from the Gaivoron diesel repair works, and developing resource TU3-034 together with two Pafawag coaches was transferred at disposal of the convalescent home for railwaymen's children "Express". These coaches are now equipped for educational classes.

Now the line's rolling stock includes diesel locomotive TU2-137, 2 Pafawag coaches (train-set "Yuniy Zaliznychnik" ("Young railwaymen") and 2 flatcars for freight.

At the opening in 1949 the ChRWy's route was equipped with the electric token ring system, points control, interstation communications and loudspeakers for announcements at the stations. In 1970 the signaling devices and communications facilities were modernized - telecommunications, locomotive radio communication, and radio-equipped stations were constructed with relay semi-automatic block signalling, interstation, dispatching, pointwork.

The operational season is from the beginning of May on the end of August. During this period, trains run on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The first train departs from the station Partizanskaya at 11:00 and thereafter trains run each hour till 18:00.

From the beginning of October on the end of April the young railwaymen, grouped in 2 uniform crews, are trained in specialities by way of the management of road construction locomotive depot.


The following material was used in the preparation of this account:
  • materials from the Rovno ChRWy archive
  • materials given by Anton Pyatygin
  • materials given by Andrew Porev
  • materials from A.K.Filippov and P.A.Strelkov's private archive
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