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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Opened: July 19, 1987
Length: approximately 5 km
Located on a coast of the river Kura
Rolling stock: Diesel locomotive (probably TU4), steam engine Gr, 2 coaches

According to the newspaper "Socialistichesky Rustavi", construction of the children's railway in Rustavi began in 1985 under the initiative of the first secretary of a city town committee of Communist party Zhiuli Shartava. Active participation in construction accepted the Rustavi metal plant.

The closed ring of the railway is located at coast of river Kura. Locomotive depot it is placed in a slope of one of hills.

In February, 1987 on Children's railway has passed the first trial train. For passengers the railway has opened only in July, 1987. About the further destiny of road it is known a little.

This railway not was included into system of Ministry of Railways, therefore was not included in official statistics and remained practically unknown.

From the end of 1990s the Children's railway does not function. The tracks in part is disassembled, but the rolling stock is kept.

station   steam engine Gr

Now the Georgia and America club plans in that place where there is a Children's railway to create big "Iowa Park". Into plans of club enters as well restoration itself ChRW. For today station constructions and a rolling stock already are painted, the territory of park is cleared, its gardening began. (more detailed see on site Project Harmony)

Unfortunately, about Children's railway in Rustavi it is not known to me more. If you have any articles, photos, personal impressions about this ChRW, please communicate with me on e-mail or ICQ (UIN 25927180). I shall be very grateful to you.

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