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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Schuchinsk / Kurort Borovoje st.

TU2-204. foto by P.Bondarenko. August, 1997
Opened: June 1, 1979
Dismounted: 1998-99
Rolling stock: diesel locomotive TU2-204, not less than 2 coaches PV40 type

To the moment of division in 1977 of the Kazakhskaya railway on West Kazakhstan, Alma-Atinskaya and Tselinnaya railways, there was a question on shortage of the railway sspecialists. Remember how the Tselinograd and Karaganda children's railways have helped after World War-2 with its decision, the chief of the Tselinnaya railways N.Ovsyanik has made the decision to go on the same way, chiefs of other roads have similarly acted also. So the second wave of construction ChRW began from Kazakhstan.

The idea to construct own children's railway with enthusiasm was supported by the chief of 3-rd distance of the tracks located at station Kurort Borovoje, B.Oteshev. Due to his personal participation, marvellously the most difficult problems arising at construction of railway which was conducted by forces of Comsomol-memebers of Schuchinsk easily were solved. Construction proceeded only 2 months.

In June 1, 1979, in the World day of protection of children, Schuchinsk ChRW has accepted the first passengers. In middle of 1980s the Children's railway has received from Kokchetav ChRW diesel locomotive TU2-204.

ChRW is dear pleased local children and health-resort visitors less than two tens years. At the end of 1990s Schuchinsk ChRW has stopped the existence. Now about existing there is no time ChRW reminds traffic light only worth in a clean field.

traffic light. foto by T.Batyrshin. August, 2000

Unfortunately, about Children's railway in Schuchinsk it is not known to me more. If you have any articles, photos, personal impressions about this ChRW, please communicate with me on e-mail or ICQ (UIN 25927180). I shall be very grateful to you.

The following material was used in the preparation of this account:
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  • materials given by T.Batyrshin
  • materials given by P.Bondarenko
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