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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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St.Petersburg 1991-1999

Length: 2 km
2 stations: Ozernaya, Yuniy
Rolling stock: 3 diesel locomotives TU2-060, TU2-167, TU2-191, 10 PV51 coaches

In the beginning of 1990 construction of an apartment building in Kolomyagy started and the October Small Railway was again shortened. After 1991 its length was only 2 km instead of the former 3.1. Two stations remained - Ozernaya and Yuniy. (Route length was about 1.5 km).

track plan, 1991
track plan caption: If you want to see how a station has evolved, put the cursor under its name and click Ozernaya station Yuniy station

In 1992 the oblique crossing near the station Yuniy, the last in operation, was closed. On the line two sets of type-PV51 cars - "Yubleyniy" ("Anniversary") and "Russia" - were available. But because of the lack of intermediate travel, the opportunity for the manipulation of two trains was gone and only one trainset was in use at a time.

Proposals for extending the line were discussed for a long time - there were different variants: from station Pargolovo in Shuvalovsky Park, to mount Parnassus; from the Kupchino metro station to the residential district in Pushkin city, using the embankment of the former Imperial branch from Vitebsk station in Saint Petersburg to the Imperial station building in Tsarskoe Selo (a very interesting variant - this line would pass beside the museum of railway engineering in Shushary).

Feasibility reports and plans were prepared, there were discussions in town-planning committees, even the working documentation on construction of the first three-kilometer section was issued. But the city authorities which had practically destroyed the Childrens railway did not wish to finance its revival. All remained as piles of beautiful drawings. The children's railway remained in existence in a kind of limbo. Perhaps this was the darkest period of all the MOZD's history.

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