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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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St.Petersburg 1999-...

Train on th Shuvalovo station
Length: 6.2 km
4 stations: Yuniy, Ozernaya, Lesnaya, Beregovaya and 1 halt Shuvalovo
Construction: section with three-rail track
Rolling stock: 1-3 diesel locomotives, 10 coaches (details see below)

The October Small Railway's 1999 Season finished with a significant event - on 28 August, the new site, running 4.2 kms to the north from station Ozernaya was formally opened. An Initiative Group consisting of conducting employees of the design group of Russian Public Society VSM (High-speed railways) had been engaged in designing this site under the direction of the main engineer of the project, Nikolay Lukin. On the new site there are Beregovaya ("Coastal") and Lesnaya ("Wood") stations, and Shuvalovo halt. The presence of several intermediate stations with high-grade infrastructure has again has made possible the circulation of two trains, but as the signaling devices have not yet been completely verified, there will be only one train in circulation. All the new site is laid using a three-rail track of 1520/750 mm on existing access routes from Shuvalovo on the October Railway. Such a decision has allowed to reduce the expense of reconstructing the ChRWy to a tenth by comparison with the alternative of building a separate track.

Shuvalovo halt on the Small October is combined with Shuvalovo station on the "big" October Railway. On it except for some track of 1520 mm only there is one combined line with a track of 1520/750 mm. Now it is possible to see simultaneously both the "big" and narrow-gauge trains at Shuvalovo station. Perhaps, this is a unique case where the children's railway line passesthrough a working station of the "big" railway.

To ensure the safety of running on the children's railway, during construction of the new site MOZD, on the line with a gauge of 1520 mm "trap-points" were established at the beginning and the end of the three-rail section (one of them at Ozernaya and the other at Beregovaya) also a little change has been made to the signaling system at Shuvalovo station on the October Railway, that has allowed the three-rail line to be isolated completely from the "wide" track when MOZD trains are running. At the rest of the time (at night, and in the winter) - the three-rail track is used as a line giving access from Shuvalovo to the local industrial plants. Simultaneously with opening the new section, three new level-crossings have appeared on the MOZD: one near to Ozernaya station, where it is combined with a level crossing on the main line of the "big" October Railway. And consequently it is staffed by railway personnel). The two others are between Shuvalovo halt and Lesnaya station.

track plan, 1999
track plan caption: If you want to see how the track plan of a station evolved, put the cursor on its name and click
Beregovaya station Lesnaya station Shuvalovo halt Ozernaya station Yuniy station See Glossary

Various possibilities for the further development of the October Small Railway, both towards the north (beside Pargolovo) and towards the south now are under study. Indeed, there are two options for lengthening the line in the southern direction - either up to the Pionerskaya Metro station or up to the Udelnaya Metro station. In the second case the section between Ozernaya and Yuniy would be closed, and the station Ozernaya used for storage of the remaining rolling stock. Which of these variants will be realized, and whether they will indeed be realized, is not yet known. However any of them would increase the popularity of the October Small Railway - it would become easier to reach it, and so more townspeople could go there with their children in their leisure time.

The MOZD now has the following rolling stock:

  • Diesel locomotive TU2-167
    Diesel locomotive TU2-191, which in 2000 was sent to Gaivoron for major overhaul, but has got stuck at the Russian-Ukrainian border.
    Diesel locomotive TU2-060, which was completely destroyed by a fire set by unknown vermin on the night of 30th May, 2002 (see the photo).
  • 10 type-PV51 coaches are coupled together in two trainsets: in the first are the cars number 6653, 6557, 6574, 38097 (it is also known as 002) and 38063; in the second are: 38006, 38014, 38055, 3802 and 38071.
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