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Children's Railways of the former USSR – Past and Present

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk children's (Small Sakhalin) railway
Opened: June 6, 1954
Total length: 2.2 kms (ring)
Main track length: 2.0  (ring, 30 kg/m (in depot)
1 station: Komsomolskaya, 1 halt: Pioner
It is located: CPKiO of a name of Gagrin, near Verhneye lake
Civil Engineering works: locomotive depot, 2 all-metall bridge through the river Rogatka (in length of 9 and 15 meters), 3 water-carrying pipes, Concrete retaining wall (in length of 173.3 meters), ferro-concrete tray (in length of 500 meters)
Signalling & protection: automatic blocking system, train radio communications
Rolling stock: diesel locomotive TU7-2628, 5 PV51 coaches;
Formerly: steam locomotive 159-238 3 coaches which have been constructed in Baltic (1902), later - diesel locomotive TU2, rail tractor TU2m, Pafawag coaches
Address: 693000, RUSSIA, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kommunisticheskiy prospect, 73
Phone: 724-654
Chief: DIMIN Nikolay Antonovich

More detailed information on the this ChRW prepares for the publication. If you have any articles, photos, personal impressions about this ChRW, please communicate with me on e-mail or ICQ (UIN 25927180). I shall be very grateful to you.

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